Ideal Mesh Tea Hats

We just added a new Tea Party Picture Hat Gallery to the web site using only the Ideal line of tea hats.  You might want to check it out if you are planning on decorating your own Ideal hat. There are so many differing styles, you may just find some new ideas there that could be used on your hat.

One thing that we forgot to mention in the ads for these hats is the fact that they come with a mesh bow on them.  When decorating, we remove this bow but often times we reuse it like ribbon.  It is great for tucking in with a cluster of flowers.

Costume Accessories for Your Early 1900′s Themed Tea Party

Why do I always underestimate the length of time it takes to get a new project up and going?  Finally, it has been published.  Now you can find all of the accessories you need when dressing up for your Downton Abbey Tea Party in one place.

As I was grouping this lovely collection of products together, I realized that here is little difference between accessories you would wear to a period costume Tea and and a modern day garden tea party.  Visit the pages and see for yourself.

pink-sinamay-garden-tea-hat-2-300  There was no need to enhance this hat, perfect as is.

We have added long gloves, above the elbow, and opera length gloves in a nice variety of colors, white, ivory, peach, lilac, mint green, ice blue, pink, etc.

Hosting or going to a 1920 themed tea?  Send us your pictures. We would love to share them with others.

Can’t keep this secret….

It is so hard to keep a secret when it is something this exciting.  It has been in the planning stages for a while and l simply can’t wait to tell you…..Within the next two weeks we plan to add  Downton Abbey accessories to the web site……Many of our customers have told us they are attending Downton Abbey Tea Parties.  And lots of women are hosting parties just to view the Sunday night’s episodes.

We already have several hats that would be appropriate but that line will be greatly expanded.  Look for elbow length gloves in a variety of colors and more styles of pearls.  Here is a sneak peek of the hats.

Special Tea Party Hats for Girls

Lilly model

It should be quite obvious that we love hats of all kinds.  I have a special passion for tea party hats for little girls.  Here you will find some of my favorites both past and present.

We sell hundreds of basic hats at very reasonable prices.  After all, when you need one for every girl who is coming to Tea, most budgets demand value these days.

But my most favorite hats are the one-of-a-kind hats for little girls, from baby soft and feminine to grown-up excessive bling (Lil Ladies).  Being the mom of three girls and with three granddaughters nearby, I naturally gravitate to the girls department in stores.  Little girls can wear the most outrageous combination of colors, prints, and textures.  Current trends in little girl’s clothing reflect my love of hat decorating.  You never know what you might find on the web site.  If you need a little girl’s hat for a special occasion and don’t see it there, contact us.  When someone needs a particular color or style, I generally make three or four so the customer has a choice.  And as always, there is no obligation. Click on the hats shown here.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did making them!


These adorable fashion accessories are all the rage right now, and Garden Party Teas is pleased to bring you a variety of styles to choose from. We’ve priced ours low so you can afford to buy one in every color!

Perfect for ladies, girls, or even dolls! We’ve found these little hats work well on their own attached clips, but they can be added to a headband if you prefer. Or use them on an American Girl Doll, as my own daughters do!

Hatinators at Garden Party Teas

Kentucky Derby Hats

The 138th Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 5, and we can’t wait! Because our company is located in Kentucky, we are surrounded by Derby buzz…and lots of fabulous hats! This is an exciting time of year around these parts, and we felt inspired to share with you a few of the more interesting hats we’ve seen through the years. Whether it’s for its beauty or its outlandishness, a good Derby hat must turn heads!

Feathers always make an appearance:

Many women believe that bigger is better:

Celebrities love to get in on the festivities:

Royalty has been known to make an appearance:

And even the littlest of ladies gets in on the act:

And Fascinators are a lightweight, easily wearable alternative that will be perfect for a hot Derby Saturday like the one we are expecting this year:

Which look is your favorite?

Are you going to the Derby? What are you wearing?

Lil’ Ladies Hats

We are so excited to announce this gorgeous new line of hats!

Garden Party Teas Lil’ Ladies Hats are eye-catching


and perfect for the sweet little lady in your life.

And if she’s more diva than sweet?

Well, we’ve got that covered, too!

Stop by today and check out our entire line of Lil’ Ladies hats.

We even have matching Mommy and Me options!

Hat Decorating Tips from Garden Party Teas

1) A low temp glue gun is almost a necessity. A hotter glue gun could melt the hat or the enhancements. And tacky glue will take too long to dry.
Sticky backed Velcro and/or puffy glue dots can also be used. You will find that these two methods will be less permanent than low temp glue but may be preferred if girls are doing the decorating.
Gather the tools you will be needing, glue gun, low temp glue sticks, scissors, wire cutters (optional), hand held hair dryer (optional but helpful if you make a mistake), hat band material, embellishments, and ribbons.

2) If the crown of the hat slopes in towards the top, applying a hat band will take a little more planning. Wired ribbon is helpful because you can use the top wire to “gather” the ribbon to make it fit better. Tulle, available in 6 inch wide rolls, can be made to fit snugly against the crown. Plan on using at least three thicknesses of tulle for maximum effect. We have also used leaves that compliment the flower as a hat band.

3) For a big, bold effect, cut a portion of a feather boa and glue the core of the boa to the hat with a low temp glue gun. This look is dramatic and little other enhancements will be necessary. This author ascribes to the theory “Too much of a good thing is wonderful” so I would not stop with feathers.

4) Whether you purchase for your hat from the wide selection of flowers at Garden Party Teas or use flowers from another source, most likely they will have a bit of a stem on the back. You may need to snip the stem in order for the flower to sit closer to the crown of the hat. Use caution, cutting the stem too close may result in the plastic backing coming off and the flower falling apart. All is not lost if this happens, but you will need to glue together the center of each layer of the flower….good as new!

5) Start by marking the front of the hat with a piece of painters tape, a safety pin, what every works for you. Then decide where you want to wear the focal point of the hat, front, right side, or back. Apply the hat band with a few dots of glue starting and ending in the center of your focal point. That way the ends of your hatband (ribbon) will not be visible when the hat is completed.

6) We add the largest piece of our embellishment first and then tuck behind and around this loops of ribbon, filler flowers, leaves, feathers, whatever else you may have chosen. The completed hat will not have places where glue is visible.

7) Sinamay Mesh Ribbon can be used to add loops of color to your hat. Mix it with along with loops of wire edged ribbons and your hat is elevated to a professional looking level. Sinamay is available at Garden Party Teas in a wide variety of colors and very easy to work with.
Determine how big you want the ribbon loop to be and cut ribbon appropriately. Shorter loops will take 4 to 6 inches of ribbon and larger ones 7 to 10 inches. On our hats the loops vary in size for a more aesthetic look.
To make a loop, cut your length of ribbon, apply low temp glue to the back side of one end of the ribbon, fold over the opposite end and press together. Apply another thread of glue to the end of the ribbon and squeeze and twist the ends into a point. Move quickly during these steps because the glue hardens quickly. A FEW SAFETY TIPS: You must use a low temp glue gun; any other will burn your fingers. This is an adult project.

8)  If using grosgrain ribbon streamers on a child’s hat you can keep the ends from fraying by running them over a burning candle. It singes the fibers and keeps them from unraveling. Practice this technique on a scrap and when you’ve got it, singe your ribbons before applying to the hat.

9) A hair dryer can be used to remove anything you have applied with your glue gun. Make a mistake or want to change something? Use the heat from the hair dryer. Just remember that the heat will loosen other items you may have applied to your hat. Just press them back into place and you are good to go. It is an essential tool in my workshop!